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Knowing the best platforms and tools to use in your day to day is of great help, since this allows you to have specific details about what you will use. It also gives you an advantage in the market since it gives you a prior knowledge of what is offered in the market.

What is Zignaly?

Zignaly is a platform made up of a crypto trading bot. Being a bot, it means that it is an automated service which performs crypto currency exchanges. However, it has a variant, which is its approach, which is directed more towards cryptographic signals.

That’s because it allows users to trade through the use of crypto signals. On the other hand, signal providers are defined as services that are responsible for sending commercial alerts for the currency or currency pairs of your preference. This way they tell you if they consider a good purchase at a certain price level.

Who is behind zignaly?

This cryptobot was created by a group of professionals who found it necessary to help other traders from an automated trading and signal service.

It was released in early 2018 and in just under a year it gained a lot of fame. Its service focuses on both basic and advanced trading mechanisms.

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Zignaly Prices and fees

The good thing about this signal provider is that it is extremely accessible so that even beginners who do not have as much capital will be able to pay for it without problems.

Only one plan is available, which is a monthly membership that costs $ 15.99, this gives you an advantage over other providers. This is an excellent value for money and you will have more opportunities to make a profit. It also offers a 30-day free trial.

As for the fees, there are no additional or hidden commercial rates, you only have to pay for the monthly fee.

Zignaly customer service

This trading bot has quite complete knowledge bases and a team behind it that is responsible for providing the best customer services. It has a search database that responds immediately to the trader, thus solving any doubts it may have.

It also has a Discord group on the platform. The founders of the platform also offer the trader many benefits since you can have their personalized attention if you require it.

Their service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are a forex robot trader then we advice you visit: https://best-ea-forex.com for more ea reviews.

For who are these Crypto signals?

These Crypto signals are aimed at traders using the zignaly Broker services. Although there is also a free 30-day trial where you can use the zignaly signaling tool, the ideal is to make full use of everything that the platform offers.

Regarding the type of trader you must be to receive these signals, you must not be someone specific, you just have to want to make good use of the signals. Both professional and novice traders can use them. Important to know that most off these signal providers use premium trading tools like a price action indicator.

Also, no matter what type of strategy you use you can include the signals in any way.

Client experiences and zignaly’s review

If there is something true, from zignaly you will not find bad reviews or comments. It is a Supplier and broker that has known how to maintain its reputation and be a good quality broker.

This has been achieved through the good service and good treatment it provides to its clients. On various blogs and Telegram channels to discuss issues related to the world of cryptocurrency and Forex trading, you can get comments regarding this.

Among the criticisms that we find we can mention some.

Each of the factors offered by this provider has helped me on my journey through the market, without a doubt it has been a light at the end of the tunnelTonia solman

I tried many suppliers and brokers and I was actually quite lucky to get many good ones. However, in Zignaly I was able to find a place where I could find enough comfort and receive signals with good precision. I also found a good broker to change different coins. “I have nothing to complain about the truth.” –Steven

Zignaly services

In Zignaly you can find other types of services apart from crypto signals, that is why it is also considered one of the most complete providers on the market.

  1. Manual Trade Service.
  2. Create crypto trading signals for users.
  3. Service to connect a third-party signal source.
  4. Users can create their own signals and distribute them for free so that other traders can make use of it.
  5. Positions can be managed
  6. It also offers position management tools, among which is stop-loss, buy-stop, among others.

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Zignaly Pros

In Zignaly you can find different positive aspects from which you can benefit. Knowing these aspects is important since they help you form a better opinion of the platform you are considering, so making the decision will be much easier.

  • Various signal providers: although the platform has its own bot that generates signals, they can also find individual signal providers that you can consult. In this way you as a trader can find yourself in a position where you can choose what type of signal you want to find or who you want your provider to be.
  • Friendly and easy-to-use interface: with Zignaly you can not worry about understanding the use of the platform. This is an easy-to-use platform that does not represent any level of difficulty for any trader.
  • You can trade trading pairs: you can choose which trading pair you want to trade and you can even form your own pairs.
  • Safe and protected: Zignaly has a guaranteed security system. It also has a separate account for the funds of the traders.

Zignaly Cons

Zignaly cons But like everything, it can also have its not so positive side. It will also be important to have the disadvantages of using a particular service.

  • It does not have a daily trading interface.
  • In zignaly you will not find cryptocurrency quotes.
  • You cannot have liquidity visible.
  • The button for customer service is not visible so you will have to take time to find it.
  • The process to pay the monthly payment can be a bit tedious.

Zignaly Review summary

Zignaly is undoubtedly a good competitor, as he knows how to offer his services and to whom. Through our previous words you may have understood that everything has its faults, but that without a doubt its benefits are more and better.

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