Whaletank review

Whaletank review is born from the belief that to start off on the right foot in any aspect of your life, it is best to have the best of the best with you. Therefore, this time we bring you the review of a very renowned Telegram channel that has experience and an excellent team ready to help you, Whaletank.

Who is behind Whaletank?

Whaletank is made up of a team of twelve European and Israeli merchants, who provide a lot of excellent quality crypto telegram signals to their customers every day.

This provider has become one of the best entities in the crypto market because it facilitates daily trading through mixed trading strategies. They have a team of analysts with extensive experience in crypto trading.

For who are these Trading signals?

Whaletank is not a signal provider that bases its material on foreboding, but on testing and marketing. The signals of this trader are perfect for the trader dedicated to the analysis and to pay attention to the smallest detllaes of the pairs that want to trade.

This is because it is a team in charge of doing qualitative and quantitative research. The trader who decides to work with this team will know that they go hand in hand with profesionals who work day by day with encrypted and first-hand information.

In this way, in this Whaletank Review we can see that the platform works towards what its clients want to obtain. Also offering short-term market swings.

Whaletank customer support

Whaletank is a provider that is responsible for giving their signals through Telegram and at the same time, has a customer service through the same platform. This provider is an example for various providers that are in the field of crypto trading.

Your administrators can take a maximum of 2 hours to process any request and answer the questions of any of its users. In Whaletank Telegram you can consult a merchant, to answer questions or obtain superficial information about the signals received.

However, you can also consult with the administration, for more elaborate questions or questions related to the direct platforms operation.

Whaletank help tools

In whaletank you will also find different types of tools that accompanied with the provided signals will make up the perfect team to make profits in your day to day, remember to also make correct use of each of these tools.

  • Dashboard:

Here you can find essential data in an organized and easy to read way. Even a beginner will find it easy to handle. Here you will find information about your benefits and also your prices.

As an addition to that dashboard, you’ll find a blog to educate yourself on topics related to crypto trading.

  • Whalefolio:

This portfolio consists of an image containing coins, in addition to their breakdown percentages. This will allow you to have constant information about the results to be achieved when users use the best encryption signals.

  • Risk calculator:

This is usually a very famous tool in the Forex and cryptocurrency market. Here you can calculate the distribution of the sum of all the currencies. In this way, if you wish, you can stick to a recommended risk percentage.

To use it, you only have to enter the necessary parameters in the risk calculator and thus you will be able to obtain the number of contracts that you must buy according to the calculations. They are using many premium forex indicators like the fibonacci indicator mt4.

Using Whaletank

To start making proper use of Whaletank, you must first be part of that team, which is easy enough by following a few steps.

  1. Register: you just have to enter the official Whaletank site and so you can fill in your specifications.
  2. Pay: you will be able to see their premium packages and thus decide if you can buy one in order to have access to stronger commercial signals.
  3. Follow: Then you must start following his telegram channel in order to start receiving the signals.

Whaletank packages

In this provider you can find the following price packages:

  • Gold:

It has a value of 0.025 BTC for 2 months of subscription.


  • Platinum:

Its cost is 0.050 BTC for 6 months of subscription.

  • Diamond:

0.100 BTC for 24 months subscription.


– They also have a free package, in which they receive an approximate of 3 to 4 signals per week.

Client experience and review

Finding negative reviews about this broker is extremely difficult because it has a very good reputation and the registered forums have almost entirely positive reviews and satisfied customers with Whaletank’s work.

Whaletank pros

Every provider or platform is made up of all its functional parts such as its features and its pros.

Whaletank is definitely not without it.


  • Solid signals: all its signals have a high level of precision. This is because it offers business advice and signaling based on professional qualitative and quantitative research.


  • Perfect Performance: Because this supplier’s goal is to be successful, it has maintained a high caliber, faultless reputation.


  • Free channel: This provider has a free channel that, although it provides fewer signals than the premium channel, has excellent quality and performance signals.


  • Scope: As if that were not enough, this provider has a large number of different topics related to cryptography, for the different traders who enter the platform.


Good customer service: this service is impeccable, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whaletank cons

The number of cons in regards to this provider is almost nil. However, the only drawback we could find on Whaletank has to do with their speed in customer service, but only for a couple of hours of delay.

Being a provider so highly valued and with so many users, it is very easy to take a few hours to solve your doubts. But do not despair, you will always receive an answer.

Summary Whaletank review

Whaletank has become one of the best crypto services on the market today.

Obtaining such incredible signals at a good price, to later be able to obtain various benefits with them, should be a crime due to their perfection.

All its recommendations have an analytical basis thought out in a meticulous way and with reinforcements.

In general, a 5-star provider that gives you what you were looking for.

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