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This week for our website Best Crypto Signals, we are giving you a Libertex review! So far, we are more than sure that you have heard about it before. But, if that´s not the case, then don´t worry. Today we will give you all the details, tips, and information you must know before using it. And also our team is going to be giving you advice from experience. You can find this review useful even if you are a beginner. Because Libertex is an easy broker to operate, everyone will benefit from it.

Along with this review, we will go through all the little details you have to know about this broker. And, as we are also disclosing the information related to some frequently asked questions and major topics. Some of those are the benefits of working with this company and their details, how to get started and such. Also, we will talk about the process of depositing and withdrawing your money, countries accepted, and much more! So make sure you don´t miss out on this Libertex review because you will benefit from it.

By the end of this article, you will know already if Libertex is beneficial for you. So you can be 100% sure about this broker before getting started.

Let´s dive in with this Libertex review!

What´s Libertex about?

Libertex is one of the most successful Forex companies in the world right now. They have been in this business for years now. So, when the market and trading was just getting started, they were already on it. This company has millions of traders all around the world and it´s highly recommended. Also, despite this software is quite old, it has had hundreds of different upgrades. That´s how they have managed to remain so popular, relevant, and trustworthy throughout the years.

Libertex is also known for being a company that truly listens to its clients’ feedback. That´s why it is still the number one choice for many professional traders. And a great thing you get for working with this broker is full customization and great customer support. And you can choose from all their hundreds of services to get started. They support many of the most exclusive stocks and cryptocurrencies in the market. So you have a wide selection to choose from to get started!

Let´s keep going with this Libertex review to disclose what this software has to offer!

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Libertex Company Details Overview

Libertex has been in this business for over 20 years already. And they started back in 1997. Since then, they have managed to create a software people from all around the world use. And it doesn´t matter your level of experience, everyone will benefit from it and see results as well.

About the company, they are based in the Mediterranean, on a small island called Limassol, Cyprus. You can also find their information on the website, as they provide the address of the headquarters. So, in this topic, they are very transparent as you can find all information you need about them on the official site. And also, this company is part of the famous Libertex Group. And only the most select and reliable software is part of this team. So, as you can see, you can trust these people with your eyes closed! But, we will be talking about this topic in the next part of this Libertex review!

Regulations and Laws

As this topic is highly crucial for traders, in this part of the Libertex review, we will disclose the regulations of this software. We have mentioned many times how transparent and professional these people are. The Libertex brand is operated by the CySEC(Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and FSCA regulated entities.

If you wish for more detailed information about his topic you can check out the website. And also remember that these laws might be different depending on the country you lic}ve in. That´s the main reason why Libertex is not supported all around the world just yet.

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Trading Platforms Supported

As we have gone through some of the most important aspects of this Libertex review, we got many more things to disclose! So, for this part, we will be talking about the many platforms supported by this broker. And, at the moment you can use this software on the MT4 platform only. It is not available on the MT5 platform yet. But it´s more than likely that it will be supported very soon. Meanwhile, you can enjoy all the benefits you get from the MT4 platform. Like trading with zero spreads, auto trading, full customization, and exclusive stocks available. So, we can promise you the experience is still very positive no matter what!

To get started with this broker, you just have to sign in on the official Libertex page. After that, fill in all the information you are asked for, submit an account for the payments, and you are done! It´s as easy as that. And don´t forget to choose what type of trading account you need. You can choose from a standard one or a professional one. And a standard account only needs EUR 100 to operate. So make sure to choose wisely the option that benefits you the most.

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Assets and Markets

This Libertex review would be incomplete if we don´t highlight all the things you can trade with it! And just so you know, this list is super long, as there are many exclusives you won´t get anywhere else. At the moment, you can trade with over 213 different assets online. These are hot assets, stocks, cryptocurrency, oil, gas, and ETFs. Also, it supports commodities, precious metals, agriculture, and many other exclusives as well! So, once you get your hands on this software you will notice there are no limitations. You are the only one in charge of what you wish to accomplish with your trading account.

A great thing Libertex does is allow you to choose your stocks by categories and the place where you live. So, if you are interested in telecommunications you can choose stocks like Apple, Google, Android, and such. But also, some exclusive ones like Tesla Motors and Facebook are available. And, you can also browse for the most popular assets in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and such!

About some of the exclusive stocks available, Libertex supports the cannabis industry, metals of all kinds, and oil.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

As traders, we know already that this topic is highly important because it can be quite challenging sometimes. But, in this Libertex review, we will show you why there is nothing to worry about! The whole process to make deposits and withdraw them is very easy and simple. So, the only thing you need is to transfer your funds to your account depending on how much you want to invest. And if you want to withdraw it from your account, you just fill a request and it gets sent to your account. But, keep in mind that you must request it during working hours. Besides, you will have to wait until the next day!

Another thing to point out is, you can choose the currency in which you want your payment delivered to you. So, you can choose from dollars or Euros. Make sure you can choose the one that benefits you the most at the moment.

Let´s keep going on with this Libertex review!

Libertex mobile apps Available

As Libertex has one of the latest technology you know they must have some mobile apps as well! And thankfully, they do! So, these apps are available everywhere and they are free for all users. And you can get them from the App Store, Google Store, or from the official website. So it´s like having your laptop with you at all times because there´s nothing you can´t do from the app! At the moment, you can operate it just like the online version. You can access new trades and exit others, and change the direction you are trading too. And you can deposit new money to invest, withdrawal your funds and so much more! So don´t waste your time and try out these apps! They will make your trading experience much more convenient and easier for you.

Libertex Accepted Countries and Languages

Although Libertex is a fully international company with millions of clients all around the world, they are not supported everywhere. But, these people are working towards getting their software available all around the world. So, you never know, maybe in a few years or months, you will get it in your country.

And, as this software is available in so many different places all around the world, there are many languages supported. These are English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Greek. So, you can customize your software to your liking, and you can switch the language on the app too!

Libertex Customer Service

Before finishing this Libertex review, we must talk about the customer support they provide to their clients. And at the moment, we have shown you how transparent this company is, so there´s nothing to worry about. They are easy to reach and you don´t have to hope for the best. As it usually happens a lot in this business. So, there are many ways you can get in touch with these people. If you live in Limassol, you can go to their headquarters, as they provide the address. And you can also call them by phone. But, if you are old school, you can just fill out the form available on their website and wait for their response.

And a few other non-conventional ways you can reach out to them are through social media. You can send them messages using Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Live Chat. So, just make sure to talk to them during working hours and be patient. Remember that they get hundreds of inquires every day.

Benefits and Drawbacks

For the end of this Libertex review, we chose to do a small summary of the pros and cons you get from using this broker.


  • Libertex is one of the best companies in Forex with proven results.
  • This software is available in many languages and in many countries all around the world.
  • This company is reliable and trustworthy. And they have many regulations and laws that protect their clients.
  • You get a free demo account as soon as you get your account.


  • This broker is not available in the USA.

Conclusions Libertex Review

After going through all the major topics in this Libertex review, we finally reached the end! What do you think about this review so far? We have certainly learned many things already. But, we want to know about you and your experiences as well.

For us, Libertex is one of the best choices for traders who are looking for a new broker that´s easy to use. Also, it is amazing if you want to expand your trading portfolio because there are many assets available. And despite being just a few little drawbacks, we recommend this software because we have tested it before. After using it for quite some time now, we got good results in no time.

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