Fat Pig Signals Review

Fat pig signals review is our new research as far as crypto signal providers are concerned.

Getting a good signal provider that suits your needs, be honest and fast, seems like a utopia.

The reason why it seems like a utopia is because it probably is, no service is totally perfect, however many are close to perfection or at least to something worthy of a good trader.

This time we will go into a fat pig signals review so that you find everything you need to know for a good provider.

But first let´s take a look to the definition of Crypto signals

What is a crypto trading signal?

Business signs represent business instructions or advice that you will receive from other people or algorithms, which will specify what you should do with a given pair.

Every signal must be composed of the following elements:

  • The cryptocurrency to buy: here you will specify which currency the signal refers to.
  • Purchase price: indicates the tentative price at which you must buy the specified currency.
  • Sales objectives: What is the ideal price from which you can make a profit.
  • Stop loss: finally, this is an important aspect. This represents a mechanism to automatically exit a losing position.

Who is behind Fat Pig signals?

Fat Pig Signals is undoubtedly considered one of the veterans of crypto trading and signals.

This group is made up only of professionals with many years of certified experience.

These are a group of people with a lot of experience and great attention span and can help you in whatever you need.

Its founder has specialized in these signs for many years, do not worry, they know what they are doing.

fat pig signals

For who are these crypto signals?

First of all, this is an ideal provider in case you don’t trust signals from novice or unknown traders.

All signals in this group are verified and have an accuracy of over 75%.

Fat pig signals can be used by both beginners and professionals, so no matter your level of experience, as long as you know the basics of the market, you will be more than ready.

These signals are also perfect for receiving any type of signals from any currency pair, so you will not be limited. It is important to mention that this group also specializes on Binance signals. So if you are forex trader then it is best that you search for the best metatrader indicators.

Fat pig signals customer service

This provider doesn’t have big problems with their customer service, they have quite a few good reviews when it comes to this aspect of their services.

Their customer support service is available 24 hours a day.

It also has a free Fat Pig Crypto Signals Telegram chat in which several traders can answer questions and even the one who manages the account usually posts information regarding the market.

Their team is friendly and professional, so always, without fail, you can solve any doubts you have without any problem.

However, it is important to note that they do not provide tutorials, they only provide professional help from professionals. This 8k members group is truly active and helpful.


Fat Pig signals Services

It is important to understand that Fat pig signals is not just a signal provider as it is much more comprehensive than that.

Among the services it offers we have:

  • Risk management
  • Daily news in reference to the market and its signals
  • News update.
  • Portfolio management (and this is both medium and long term)
  • It also has a private Facebook group that you can join if you are part of the Telegram channel.

As an additional, it is important to highlight the incredible work they do with the technical analysis that comes along with the signals.

This analysis is of excellent quality and brings its due stop loss. Through the channel you can find signals for Altcoin, as well as for Ethereum, BCash, Ripple, Litecoin and BTC.

TIP: If you are more a forex trader then you can visit https://best-mt4-indicators.com/top-10-mt4-indicators for some good forex indicators.

Fat Pig signals client experiences and review

When making a small search, very brief, we find pleasant surprises.

Customer experiences with this provider have been excessively positive and therefore give a lot to talk about in the market.

It is a provider that almost does not have negative reviews, it is very difficult to find something negative about its services and its signals.

In many forums and sites that provide reviews of services related to the market for the sale of currencies and the reception of signals, we can see the name of Fat Pig Signals full of praise and many satisfied customers.


Although we have already done a fairly specific approach in this fat pig signals review about the benefits of using this provider, we will take the time to generalize it a little more.

  • Availability to receive signals of any kind, such as Binance.
  • Good customer service, friendly and available in English and Spanish.
  • Acceptable signal frequency, two per day.
  • Risk Management advice
  • Market news update.
  • Use of the telegram application for more comfort
  • Graphics and analysis of good quality that accompany the provided signals.
  • Signals with more than 80% precision.


The drawbacks from this signal provider are quite shallow and may not have a big impact on the way you receive your signals.

For example, having more than 7k members, you may find it very difficult to read each news or message received in the private group.

This also implies that if you have any doubts, the time for said doubts to be resolved is longer.

Another problem may be that your website is not the best and it may be somewhat confusing. However, these are additional aspects that do not affect the signals you receive.

Fat Pig signals summary

This provider is one of those who are complete and create a friendly and beautiful community that is always ready to help you.

It is important to emphasize that Fat pig signals is an established provider that has managed to stay afloat for a couple of years. All of it without receiving negative comments on a solid basis.

In addition, its signals have become something fixed in the market, with good precision and being constant.

In this fat pig signals review it is definitive that we are in front of a Telegram channel that gives what it promises.

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