Cryptocurrency signals: best crypto providers with the best analysis

Cryptocurrency signals have become a great help to today’s traders. In order to successfully trade a cryptocurrency, it is not enough just to trade and have a good strategy.

You could certainly trade this way, but it is definitely much more accurate and brings you more benefits, making use of Cryptocurrency signals.

It is of utmost importance that you know that even professional traders make use of other help tools, so you should not only be looking for tools that are half-hearted just because you believe that a true pro would not have much help.

Finding the right provider

Remember that a good signal provider must always have certain specific characteristics, which must be taken into account.

  • The cryptocurrency to buy: this is the most important part since the signal must specify which cryptocurrency you should buy.


  • The purchase price: then you will find the price which is super important if you only dedicate yourself to selling, here you will be able to understand what cryptocurrency you should buy and at what price.


  • Sales objectives: With this you will know what the exact price should be from which you can make a profit.


  • Stop Loss: this is the most important since it will mitigate losses.


  • Analysis: analysis is our focus this time and ultimately, every signal must be accompanied by a good analysis.

What is a technical analysis on a signal?

Regarding cryptocurrencies signals, technical analysis is a commercial discipline used by signal providers in order to provide the trader with an evaluation and thus identify commercial opportunities. We saw that many providers use a good support and resistance mt4 indicator.

In this analysis you can find statistical trends collected from commercial activity, as well as price movement and volume.

Consequently, making sure that signals always have a good analysis is always something to remember when choosing your trusted provider.

However this time we have decided to make your task easier since we found a few providers that have everything necessary to give you the best cryptocurrency signals.

best crypto signals

Altsignals trade call

This signal provider works from Telegram crypto signals, it has been in charge of providing crypto currency signals since 2017. This Provider has a wide range of encryption exchanges. They also offer an academy service for less experienced traders.

They sell Tradingview indicators too, so that any trader can do smart trading. And of course, they provide excellent quality analysis for the current trader.

Liberman Signals and Trading Tips

In regards to cryptocurrency signals, this provider is an expert. With this provider you will not need any monthly subscription, since you will pay per signal used. Their stop loss is 5%, but their analyzes have detailed and well-explained information. In addition, its signals have an accuracy of more than 70%.

Saviour’s Universal Crypto Signals

We meet again with another well-known Telegram channel in the market.

It began operations around January 2018 and is one of the Telegram channels with the highest precision on the market.

This group has a dedicated channel for Binance alts AND also for bitmex. They use bots at the same time to produce the signals that the trader will receive. Their overall plans are quite cheap and a monthly membership is paid.

Its customer service is luxurious, since it has a chat exclusively for that.

Regarding the analysis they offer, it is exceptional, just by comparing it with the precision of their signals we tell you everything (their signals are 96% accurate).

Alex crypto

This signal provider is perfect for beginner traders who are just learning how to use these signals. The main reason it is for beginners is because it is free and it analyzes are quite detailed and easy to understand.

It offers standard signals for different cryptocurrencies. It also has a VIP channel which you can also check.

The VIP channel provides you with commercial recommendations based on reliable technical analysis, which are more accurate than the free channel.

Their membership prices range from 0.05 BTC for a month, to 0.55 BTC for a lifetime.

Verified Crypto Traders

In this signal provider you can find signals for Binance, BitMEX and Bittrex.

Because it is a super complete provider you can find news updates and of course what we came for, general market analysis.

Their analysis is honestly, enviable, very complete and touches all the necessary characteristics that the trader may need. This service has its reins led by an algorithmic bot which ensures that the cryptocurrency signals you receive are correct.

Its silver package has a cost of $ 900 and its precision is more than 90%.

4C Trading

4C Trading is a signal provider that provides its signals through Telegram.

This provider’s style of service is focused on delivering at least 2 or 3 signals per day. Their customer service is available in English and French. There are also education tools that are easy for any trader to use. Their prices start at $ 99 a month.

In regards to their technical analyzes, they are quite good compared to the analyzes of other platforms, since these are quite complete and are delivered with each and every one of the offered signals.

Fat pig signals

This provider focuses specifically on signals for Binance.

It also offers technical analysis on markets and of course trading pairs.

As if that were not enough, this provider offers advice on the transactions to be made from the signals received. Its signals are short, medium and long term. The prices are good for the excellent quality they offer. BTW if you are looking for forex trading you can visit this page:

Cryptocurrency signals summary

Having a good signal provider that offers good analytics will go a long way.

Remember that you should always seek different opinions regarding the different types of providers that you consider.

The cryptocurrency signals are an important part of your job as a trader, so finding a good provider is a task that you must take seriously.

The signals you receive will always be a guiding hand in your career as a trader, so aspects such as precision, analysis, type of signal and prices are important characteristics to consider.

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