Bitcoin Signals

The signals represent a daily help to the trader so that they can make a decision regarding whether to buy or sell, or perhaps at what price.


Bitcoin for its part has become a worldwide phenomenon which has all the traders working day by day to become professionals and earn all the money they want. But there is something that ultimately represents essential help, and as we said before, that is the signs.

In the case of Bitcoin signals, they are trading advice with a base analysis to decide how and when to sell a certain amount of Bitcoin or how and when to buy it.

Bitcoin signals enter the classified crypto signals.

Let us explain a little more.

What are crypto trading signals?

These signals are trading suggestions or ideas provided by traders or group of traders to be able to buy or sell a specific currency (in this case, Bitcoin). Both a merchant and a bot can generate the signals It will be your decision to choose what type of provider you want.

You can even use copy trading in which the signals work as steps to be followed by other traders who have already used them.

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Bitcoin signals format

A good Bitcoin signal must be accompanied by certain details so that it is complete and you can use it correctly.

Therefore they must be accompanied by the following format:

  • Cryptocurrency: the signal you receive should tell you to buy Bitcoin.
  • Buy: as part of the signal, the price point at which the trader must buy Bitcoin must be specified.
  • Sell: in the event that the coin must be sold, then the signal will also indicate it.
  • Stop Loss: if the operation you are going to perform does not go according to plan, then the signal you receive will also indicate where you should set your stop losses, and thus you can reduce your losses.

MYC Signals

This signal provider is affiliated with Mycryptopedia, this is a website that is responsible for providing educational material for traders, both cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Their channel is only dedicated to function as a signal trading channel. It has two premium channels:

  • MYC BitMex Signals VIP
  • MYC Binance Signals VIP.

The membership is $ 90 a month. Its signals are not only aimed at Bitcoin, but also at Binance, ByBit, BitMEX and Deribit. You can also choose if you prefer that the signals you receive are short, medium and long term for customers.

Their helpline or customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The Coin signals group is an incredible provider of crypto signals that provides them through Crypto Signals in Telegram.

Despite barely working since 2019, it has managed to build an incredible fame and reputation. It has 60% accuracy in the signals it provides.

Users will be able to obtain three main types of signals: These signals will be BTC based pairs, USD based pairs and also USDT based pairs.

This provider also covers the terrain of cryptocurrency pairs. There is a free membership that you can use to try your luck with the channel and it is only for Bitcoins. As for the frequency, they publish more than 100 monthly signals. Their prices are shown in BTC, for 30 days you can pay 0.01 BTC and for one year 0.1 BTC.


This telegram community is managed by a group of business experts. Its signals are also directed to other cryptocurrencies that are usually more visited worldwide.

In addition, each signal is accompanied by a technical analysis. This provider gives content directly from the experts along with real-time news and commercial tutorials. Your training site is responsible for training and guide traders to become professional traders.

You can receive instant updates of the signals you have received. It’s amazing that a site that offers advice, good customer service, signs, and more is right around the corner and that joining doesn’t cost a dime.

Pro Crypto Signals

This signal provider has been active since 2018, and has a signal accuracy rate of 80%. The signals it provides are short, medium and long term, plus a wide range of options for all its users.

The changes of the signals that are made will be based on the technical analysis. You will receive a total of 100 signals per month on the Telegram channel. As for his subscription plans, he pays $ 222 monthly. There is a quarterly discount for which you pay $ 500.

Verified Crypto signals

This provider offers signals from Binance, BitMEX and Bittrex, as well as news updates and technical analysis. This provider allows bot trading, so if you want, you can get your signals from them.

There are webinars for members of that group. They have a $ 900 a year package, which is silver.

In the case of the package for Bitcoin and altcoins signals, they are priced at $ 1,100 a year.

Yo crypto

This telegram channel has 3k active subscribers and offers 2 to 3 signals per day. It has become one of the strongest groups that can provide consistent performance to its members.

Despite the fact that his technical analysis does not usually shine, in all other aspects he is a market magnate.

Universal cryptographic signals

In this telegram group existing since 2018, you can find everything related to signals from Binance, Bittrex, BitMEX and Bitcoin. All of their signals are short and long term, however they tend to skip stop loss when it comes to altcoin signals. This signal provider offers the trader two plans. They also are selling one off the Best Forex Indicator these days.

One fully automatic and the other semi-automatic. Their rates range from $ 66 to $ 540 on the semi-automatic plan. But in the automated, you only get $ 91 monthly and $ 874 yearly subscription plans.

Summary Bitcoin signals

There are numerous groups to get Bitcoin signals, but among those we get are the best of the best for you to choose with confidence. In the same way, people have different personal experiences, so the cause is essential when choosing a place in which you will invest your money.

Stay focused and always check the comments of the brokers and providers you will use, remember that you have to take care of you and your money.

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