Binance Signals Group

Being in a Binance signals group offers you the opportunity to receive Binance signals directly on your phone, without having to look further.

You can also read the comments and experiences of other traders who meet you.

What is Binance?

The Binance Exchange for its part refers to one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges that can offer the trade of various virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB).

When a trader visits Binance for the first time they will notice that the platform will offer you two options for you to trade digital currencies, which are basic and advanced.

Normally this platform is not so good for beginners, because the basic and advanced options are a bit difficult to handle. Therefore, the use of Binance signals is necessary, especially if you are starting, in this way the management of your account will be facilitated and you will know what to do and when to do it.

Why do I need a Binance signal group?

Being in a group of signals implies that you will not only be able to access signals for Binance (and perhaps other cryptocurrencies) but you will also be able to observe the progress of other traders, as well as their experiences and the way they have used the signals sent.

These groups abound on WhatsApp, Telegram, Reddit, etc. However, the safest place where you can find crypto telegram signals. After an exhaustive search, we found a series of these groups that you can use for your own benefit.

Some are premium and one or the other is free, it will be your decision to choose the right one.

The best Binance signals group to find

Let’s start with counting these groups.

fat pig signals review

Fat pig signals

This Telegram group has more than 8 thousand active subscribers and they are in charge of offering signals for Binance specifically.

We also produce high quality graphics which justify each signal emitted by you and in this way each trader has the opportunity to perform in the best way and understand the depth of the signals. In this group you will receive 2 to 3 signals per day.

And their slogan is to make fat returns through the exchange of cryptocurrencies. His signals are all produced by professionals. Although you can get free signals, its premium services are much better and found there: news updates, risk management tips, personalized customer service.

Her Telegram group is @FatPigSignals, you can join and receive other benefits.

Alex Crypto

If you are just starting out in the Crypto market and don’t understand much about the market, then you must understand that this group is perfect for you.

This channel is totally free and its signals are 70% accurate. In the free channel you can find possibilities for entry and exit positions. As far as the premium trading channel is concerned, you can find reliable technical analysis as well as specific background information.

The premium channel has 3-5 daily signals and sometimes finds medium and long term signals. ‍ Regarding membership prices: 1 month: 0.05 BTC and one year 0.35 BTC.

Binance Premium Signals

This group is totally premium and has to its credit more than 6 thousand subscribers. Their signals are all aimed solely at the binance exchange so you can ensure that their providers are experts in the field.

They also provide technical and fundamental analysis of each of the received signals. As for the number of signals, they are 3 to 4 signals a day. Here you can also find information on technical analysis indicators, including: RSI, MACD and EMA.

The signals contain important information that includes the percentage of potential return and percentage of risk.

best Binance Signals Group

Emma’s crypto pillars

This signal provider It is founded since 2019 and well, its founder is the same one that bears his name. At first, it used to provide excellent quality free signals, but then decided to start with its premium services.

The accuracy of its signals is 94% and it is AWESOME. It not only provides signals for Binance, but for Bitmex Trading. It also includes education and technical analysis. Its signals at the same time include risk management, entry, stop loss and of course, adequate targets.

When it comes to customer service, their responses are very prompt and they are very friendly. Its price ranges from $ 81 onwards.

Among its advantages we find:

  • Great precision
  • Cornix Autotrader
  • Configuration with risk management
  • Very friendly support

Rocket FFA

Despite being a smaller provider with only a thousand subscribers, it is quite accurate and well known. Once again this provider only offers signaled for Binance since its professional traders are experts in the field.

They also post technical analysis alongside the signals which are responsible for justifying the exchanges shown. They also publish news about the market.

Crypto Classics

This provider has more than 3,000 subscribers, all of which are active. It only offers signals for Binance and Coinbase PRO. Regarding the frequency of the signals, they are between 2-3 signals per day. Their analyzes most of the time are focused on Bitcoin due to its demand.

Also,their relationship with altcoins on their part is very good, that is why their services are so complete.

4C Trading news

This binance signals group is well known and respected in the world of trading due to its years of experience and its community of more than 7 thousand subscribers.

Although its specialty is Binance, sometimes leaning a bit towards Bitmex trading is a fact. As for the frequency of their signals 2-3 signals per day is usually their norm. The team in this group of Binance signals is focused on executing a rather ingenious operation with an original approach. It even provides a kind of thesis on news events that have a drastic impact on the price of the most used cryptocurrencies.

It is also responsible for issuing actual reports regarding the benefits and losses of its signals.

Summary Binance signals group

It is well known that trading signals are an easy way to make a profit when working in any trading market.

That is because the changes in the different currencies are constant, so it is necessary for each trader to try to manage the currencies, pairs or instruments to be traded as best as possible to avoid losses. And in short, the use of signals reduces the frequency of losses.

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