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Who is behind

This provider, which was established in late 2017, was founded by a group of enterprising professional traders who have been in charge over the years in gaining experience in order to provide incredible crypto signals.

For who are these Forex signals?

This signal provider is aimed at all traders who wish to obtain services such as the following:

  • Technical and fundamental analysis, this type of analysis usually helps all types of traders to trade with AltSignals and to better understand their operations.
  • Training and personalized help to be able to place operations and obtain profits.
  • Learning to operate on the largest exchanges such as Binance and Bitmex.
  • A provider that quickly adapts to market conditions, which are highly changing.
  • The best crypto signals at a reasonable price and even free signals.

Altsignals customer service

This Telegram group of cryptographic signals AltSignals has become one of the providers where users can get help from customer service staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This team has many tools to help you and answer any questions you have. They do not turn around in their answers, since they are direct and are backed by recommendations and professional material.

It is also available in different languages ​​in case you don’t speak English. At AltSignals you will find a friendly and dedicated staff, ultimately a super positive feature of this provider.

AltSignals indicator: help tools

This is a help tool that serves as a magic indicator, which is made up of a combination of all the existing indicators and is responsible for predicting both the increase and decrease in the prices of different currencies. They are using several trading tools like a currency strength meter one.

This indicator at the same time is compatible with all the crypto trading pairs found in the market. This tool works 24/7 in all markets.

Altsignals packages and prices

The prices for all packages is $ 99, which is the basic plan and based on three types of exchange markets, let’s take a look:

  • Forex package: in this package $ 99 per month is requested. In this case you will receive signals from Headquarters.

They assure you more than 200 pips monthly. It also has 85% accuracy.

  • Bitmex: its price is the same as the $ 99 Forex package, monthly. Thus you will receive between 20-30 signals per month. In addition to personalized support.
  • Binance: Like the previous packages, it is the same price. You will also receive monthly signals accompanied by technical analysis.

Educational content

On the Altsignals platform you can find free and premium educational content for traders who enter the platform. They have an informative blog full of articles that will help you be a better trader and improve your experience and performance.

There will also be forums and exclusive material for traders who have a membership. In short, has become a very complete signal provider platform and with everything the current trader needs. Review

Altsignals and their crypto signals

All signals are accompanied by technical and fundamental analysis. Analyzes are essential in using a signal for crypto (or any type of signal) because it is the only way to check how good and real a received signal is and also understand how to use it.

Learning all the ins and outs of cryptocurrency activities is a huge plus. Regarding frequency, 3-4 signals per day are published in the crypto Telegram groups. In the channel you can also find the results of the signals previously provided, in this way you can check how they work and if they are profitable.

Client experience and reviews

Altsignals has reviews which appear on TrustPilot and also on SafeTrading rankings. Both sites claim that Altsignals is a platform where crypto merchants and experts come together to receive various signals of good quality and with incredible precision.

Altsignals’ reviews and negative comments are very few and usually express rather personal or specific problems, not having to do directly with the platform. It has also managed to pass many tests of sites that are responsible for rating various provider platforms. In short, a provider with good comments and worthy of your trust.

Altsignals Pros

Altsignals offers many benefits to its users.

  • Good prices for excellent quality: their prices are quite low for the quality of the signals they provide.
  • High precision: regarding precision, their precision per signals normally is 90% .
  • Incredible customer service: this part of Altsignals deserves to be highlighted because, in addition to being available in different languages, it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Material for beginners: with this we mean that their educational blog has a lot of material that can be used by beginners in the market.
  • Easy to use platform: Altsignals platform and its telegram channel are very intuitive mabos, so there will probably be no confusion when using it.
  • Positive comments: Most of the comments found about Altsignals have been positive, very little risk of scam if a platform with such a good reputation as that of Altsignals.

Altsignals Cons

Honestly, finding a fault in the quality of the signals or the way in which Altsignals is handled is difficult.

It could be said that one of its very few disadvantages is that having so many users, it is possible that if you ask a question to the consumer service it will take a few hours to answer.

Summary Altsignals review

The Altsignals platform has become one of those respected providers that everyone trusts.

Their signals have always been of incredible quality and with good precision. As we expressed previously, it was quite difficult to find negative comments or complaints about the Altsignals telegram channel services.

This platform can be very useful for any type of trader.

Even if you are a Begginer you can be part of the team of this team provider.

In addition to having excellent educational content, good customer service and a secure way to receive signals such as Telegram.

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